Friday, December 3, 2010

Beautifully Monstrous

Nasty monsters try to tempt me to play day by day...
they want to toss me into their hands and mold me... they think I'm clay
each day i sway, i sway away
crawl into their minds and program their depiction of me as one of them instead of prey
it's dark in their minds, the darkness surrounds me
stabs its roots into my skin and tries to grow like a chia tree
before it can cha cha cha chia
i stab it back, with an idea
that makes the light turn on...
an “ugly” duckling turns into a “beautiful” black swan
is the duck really uglier than the swan?
It seems he has been involuntarily withdrawn
From what we call beauty …And placed in a category of sooty
Monster, monster, are you out to get me
It’s hard to decipher you from a saint
…truth in a plea
Someone please make a book,  “monsters for dummy” (me)
so I can preserve what’s left of my soul—what makes life yummy

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