Friday, December 3, 2010

Brain Tuning (2006)

tracking button
press it
receive a so called “clear” picture
made to fit your denial scheme
dream dream dream
tick tock ticks
blame time
and let it take the fall
let gravity pull it towards the center of your brain
dirve you insane
drive you in circles forever
on a hydroplane
unless the water drains
where do you stop
exactly where?
without a care?
kill the follicle that fuels the life
and scrutinize the darkeness in the strife
1% objective
200% subjective
green is green
the light is either on or off
billboard conditioning the mind as conditioner to the hair
minds are shapen and things are not what as they appear
manipulated authenticity without a care
strip you of your costume
see you bare
see nothing
past your first, second, third layer
distorted, lost
dial tone-

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