Thursday, March 20, 2014

Camping with the Cousins William Heise County Park San Diego

July 25, 2009

You see the vest my brother is wearing?  He couldn't even use it because there was no waterfall to swim in...  It turns out the waterfall likes to disappear during summer time hahahhaa.
My little cousin Joy was the only one to bring an air mattress.  Everyone else slept on rocks... and woke up with neck and back aches the next morning. hahahah
 The Cousins in A Normal State
My cousins tweezing hairs with their bare fingers.
I forgot to Buy Air Beds for us to sleep on. Boy did that hurt hahahaa.
We checked out a cabin with the privilege of setting up one additional tent outside.  Not knowing of this rule, we set up three tents and was constantly harassed by the ranger the whole trip.  Boy was that fun.

Someone had the brains to set up one of the tents on a hill.  The unfortunate cousins who slept in these tents all woke up on the bottom of the slope on top of one another.
The Gun Show
The notorious Magnum boots that failed.  My cousin Julian was slipping and sliding the whole time during our hiking excursion.
We all made it to the top where there was a telescope that didn't work.  WOW. hahhaha
The little ones were being so loud that the older kids isolated them in the deep dark woods hahahaha.
Joy took forever in deciding what she wanted to buy. She ended up with a nasty cheesecake on a stick hahah.

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