Friday, December 3, 2010



Excessive clicking
Click… clicks….click-click!
Niche is composed of clicks
Clicks replace wonder in my wonderland –>Clickland
A simple click leads me to a place disguised as pure imagination
A place where clicks will lead you further into a bottomless abyss (bliss)
Where morning birds sound like clicks
And Highways are made of clicks, lead you to clicks
Where you can buy a new personality with a click
And fall in love with a click
…forget the meaning of babe and chick
I see a man’s mouth giving me directions to get me back to life, but all I hear are clicks
Exit click, turn right at click, destination is at click
Infinite pixels under the command of click, staring me in the face, make formations like people of a football team or an army, in hopes to achieve their goals
Hypnotize me into defeat with special click patterns able to unlock the locks of the mind-SCORE!
Sound of words synonymous with unfamiliarity
Unable to encode thought into language
I’m under the control of a click
I’m mentally deranged
Having one way conversations with muted devices

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