Friday, December 3, 2010

The essence of Life

impossible to store everything in such a small cubbyhole
but with the help of my soul
I’ll construct and expand to what my mind and heart demands
the things i prize and cherish… with the help of this blog, they shall not perish
atoms that compose me are the sum of my experiences
without experiences, no life
non-existant status as a wife, no happiness and strife
no raw fish, no food comas, no wish, no kisses, hugs, and tugs, and snuggle wuggles
i’ll start here, i’ll start now
i’ll get on  life’s buses as they come
and later compile my experiences in an album
listen up blog
thanks for not being such a hog
thanks for letting me sleep over
i can’t wait till we play rover
soul, you’re safe here
live life, live on
no one can touch you ever from dusk till dawn

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