Friday, December 3, 2010

Eulogy for Jason Joiner, one of my best. 1/18-3/28/2010 R.I.P.

The most essential part of life is of the essence
and it's extracted by your presence
your vibe, your smile, and the way you link words and ideas together
you've introduced me to an unknown kind of weather
a weather where worry, stress, and evil doesn't exist
where you can take a piss in the alley in bliss
where laughs turn into an elixir for the soul
and where you feel nothing but whole
you'll always be my number one wing man when it comes to putting on a show to entertain
as i continue our little game,
your spirit shall forever remain
within my thoughts, my words, my heart, my smile
I'll concoct stories that ears will perceive as worthwhile
I'll make you proud
I'll continue to seize every minute of every hour of everyday as we have in the past
compare and contrast
even after many hours have passed
make stories up about random specimens on the streets
eat pizza bread treats
drink V8 splashers
laugh then repeat
adventures of Kat and Jay
union city, San Diego, Stocken... The whole San Francisco Bay
to be continued... this is not the end
I'll fuel this eternal flame forever for you my dear friend
I love this guy.

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