Friday, December 3, 2010

Melissa, my not so little cousin's 21st Birthday

November 10, 2010
Meet Melissa...
...and her heaven sent BROWNIES!!!!
vatos of Nasty City...  oh wow, I've been replaced.
During Melissa's elementary days her mom took her next door to my house every morning before school and we always watched Pokemon without fail.

I can't believe I used to bathe this little rascal and rinse her butt whenever she went potty lol.

Whenever she called me "Katherine" instead of the desired "Ate Katherine" (filipino way of addressing elders lol), I'd immediately say, "What did you call me?" hahahahah. This lesson was ingrained within her and til this day she still calls me "Ate Katherine..." even though she's the same size as I am and not to mention, an adult.

She seldom complains about anything and when she does, her complaints sound like jokes.  She knows how to carry a conversation and most importantly, she's always smiling.  I love her. Pokemon buddies for life.
Lumpias are inherent of a Filipino party. They are like Siamese twins joined at the hip. MmmMMmm
Auntie Nene, both cook and mom, may seem like a strict person at first glance, but she's completely the opposite.  As a kid with a fresh license, she trusted me enough to lend me her car so that I could make it to a punk rock concert (saves the day ahhh! lol).  Now that's love.  I'm even surprised that I'm still alive hahaha.  Don't worry Melissa, she'll let you come here to SF. Plan persuasion shall be put into action immediately. hahahah
Auntie Nene and Auntie Susan <3<3<3
Melissa and Brian, My lover boy posing as a heart.  Four words: MAAD (Mother's Against Asian Dramas).
Nilaga. Slow cooked beef shanks and ribs with potatoes, cabbage, and peppercorns.  A traditional hearty Filipino Dish.

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