Friday, December 3, 2010

An old Love poem

(Flashback)…and time moves slow like an enormous turtle
Every moment intricate, Love  fertile
Imagination takes grasp on my hand
Commands and demands the unplanned
Whispers to me to ask you questions
Take intricate notes on your expressions
To find your subliminal confessions
Do you feel my laughter knocking at your door?
Do you want me to take your hand and sore?
Do you respond to me as if I’m a chore?
Hiding behind a screen
I smile, feelings inside serene
Nothing or no one standing in between
Hello Brian... How’s your day (simultaneously I sincerely pray)
Please let him see
Please let him be
A fallen angel made especially for me
I promise I’ll take his hand, give everything I can
Transform into an old woman as he transforms into an old man
(Flash-forward)… he proved to be more than I had ever imagined
Brian Fung
silly ol’ boy willing to give a lung
silly ol’ soul driving from opposite the bay just to come out and play
Assembled words such a way
To cause spontaneous smiles throughout the day
I remind myself every millisecond to stay conscious of what beauty I’m fortunate to possess
Slaying doubt goblins and love demons with success
I acknowledge all your effort
I see that I’m your dove
I see you and I forever in LOVE

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