Monday, April 18, 2011

A note from the Bride 4.12.2011

Thank you everyone for your greetings, gifts, and presence!!! You were all in my heart during the ceremony, reception, and at the strip club(s) hahaha. To my SD aunties, thank you for traveling all the way out of your comfort zones to SF to  wake me up at 8:30am in the morning (with your loud filipino selves) for three days only to tell me to go back to sleep hahahha. To my cousins+Allan whose butts I slapped during peddle really know how to flatter a bride and groom. Despite the miles between us, you still manage to sustain the bond between us. I'm proud to have family like you to laugh with 24/7. Allan, I threw you into a pit full of 135 sharks and you gladly took the challenge. Now that's what I call true friendship...   your endless supply of dave and busters games were gladly received. You've trained me to be a champion and whenever I need a lift in life, all I have to do is whoop people at supershot and I'm revitalized lol. Kevin, like I said, You numbah one! Suz and Chris, I appreciate all that you've done for me. I always have fun with you two. Ate Shiela, thank you for driving all the way from Corona to capture my dysfunctional family on film. It will make me laugh for years to come. Will, thank you venturing out with the two of us and treating us out to the best rest. in SF without hestitation. I appreciate your company and humor.  Jackson, thanks for enduring what we throw at you and being you. You're a true and gentle soul lol (I mean it!).  To baba, mama, and vincent... you've sheltered me (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally), done my taxes hahaha, always brought home my favorite desserts, shared your warmth and laughter with me day to day, sang your passion to me, taught me what true love is, and helped shape Brian into the person he is today.. the person I fell head over heels for. You are amazing people that I look up to and you have a groovy kind of love that that touches my soul. Thank you for entrusting me with Brian's heart. To mom and dad, I can't imagine how I would've turned out without your guidance and unconditional love. No matter what situation I'm in, you two are always by my side rooting me on with a smile. You give me energy to conquer the world. I'm always happy because of you two. To my siamese twin Brenda, thank you for helping me sneak out when we were young. Had you not, I would not have been able to attain all the experience and knowledge I needed to have snatched such a vibrant young smart handsome buff chinamon. You taught me how to work my "poke-ball" and I couldn't have asked for more. You served as my muse during our childhood and you continue to do so. I smile just thinking about our times together. To my dearest brothers Eugene and Jeremy, as kids, you two ripped the clothes off of my barbie dolls and showed me what real toys were--GI JOE and transformers. You left me out of your club and Jerms, you ate my ice cream when I wasn't looking. You illuminated the sometimes harsh and demanding world at such a young age taught me that things don't come by as easily, that you have to work for to make your dreams come true and keep digging. You two have slowly let me into your club and now we are inseparable. Brian.. my boo, my friend, my chiropractor, my buff china-man, my everything... Thank you for giving me a reason to live and smile. You've fought for my love like no other and at the end, you registered in my subconscious as the fittest. You tha boss! I tried looking through my Darwin material and I just can't put my finger on what it is that makes me crazy over you... some things aren't meant to be described in words and you're one of them. what we have, an internal eternal flame, intangible, and untouchable, I will cherish it forever and ever. You have this drive in life that drives you to dream dreams that are perceived in public as impractical and impossible and I admire you for not letting them dictate your future. You help me dream bigger and give me more confidence. At times when I can't see or hear you, I feel you because I have that intimate connection with you... my mind at ease, my heart comforted knowing that you'll always be there for me. Usually, people have a tough time committing and saying the four letter word, but you bring it out of me so easily... I LOVE you FoREVER.

<3 MRS. BRIAN FUNG (yeah yeah, I dropped my name just for you)

oooohh ching chong ting tong ling loong
Classic Bowl loving
we are the champions..
sailor scouts
handsome chaps

mr. and mrs. fung
karate kid 5
i'm gay
kev 6th place and allan (or master splinter) last hahaha that's all you need to know
peddle boat madness
gunther the pimp dog
the deleon family
members only club
the fung family. with our powers combined.. we are captain planet! hahaha
the nurse ass wiper and the 1/2 chinese and 1/2 filipino sausage hahah

    • Jeremy Deleon Ohhhh yesss.
      April 12 at 7:12am

    • Jeffrey de Leon Congrats pinsun... sorry I wasn't there to celebrate with you guys. I promise to make it up to both you guys...
      April 12 at 7:47am ·

    • Vincent Fung Love you ate!! =] =] =]
      April 12 at 7:48am ·

    • Myrene Contreras Congratulations Kat & hubby! Welcome to the "Happily Married Club" enjoy the moment & each other! xoxo
      April 12 at 7:55am · 

    • Brenda Soriano ♥ why am I so emotional? Love u guys!!!
      April 12 at 8:05am · 

    • John Soriano ‎:)
      April 12 at 9:29am · 

    • Rubn Jams Congrats kats!
      April 12 at 9:54am · 

    • Ethel Gaviola Congrats Kat! May God bless your journey together.. =)
      April 12 at 11:25am · 

    • Laura Flores congrats chica! good for you=]
      April 12 at 3:05pm · 

    • Brenda Soriano Hahaha...The caption under your dad and uncle Lawrence made me laugh...I think u should get them team bowling jackets, it would make it official.
      April 12 at 5:45pm · 

    • Benjamin Elorde Drapiza i'm so happy for you pinchi gordo! i just wish i was there with yall. your family took me in as one of their own when i was alone with no support and i'm forever grateful for that! give my regards to my new "Koy" and pimpstah Gunther. 143
      April 12 at 5:58pm 

    • Cathrine Esendencia Gato! Congrats miss you!
      Friday at 12:54am 

    • Katherine Fung
      Thank you everyone. me and the biotch love you all sooo much! Myrene, time for us to have a tea party date lol.. brenda.. i love how your emo bangs match your emo personality. you so know how to match in every way possible. amazing! john :) stop getting taller for me and brenda's sake hahah. rubn, thank you tapioca! time to get fat.. you know where to find me.. at moonstar haha. vincent I love you too little brother. time for a neat family pic. ethel ohhhhh heeeyyy (dance with hand action slapping butt) .. laura.. ayyy dios mio what have i done hahah. thank you! benjamin you walked 500 miles for me, jerms, and brenda. We're glad to be your jock strap. I love you too. Gato.. we've only just begun.. I will be seeing you soon. meow! rawr kss ksss. Fungster out.

      Friday at 1:28am

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