Friday, January 6, 2012

New Note, New Boat

New note new boat
Take me to a place afloat.
Drown me above
wear me like a glove
Light white height
Color infused kite
Marshmallow cloud bite
Sugar rush lush
From  limitless wonder spawned of once upon a time
No crooks, captain hooks, ill looks
Just rhymes, dimes, and sweet key limes
DNA coding simply complex
As the disappearance of T- Rex
Answers we seek
To Bermuda triangle questions
I laugh hysterically at our never ending streak
yet applaud and appreciate wonder and unique critique
Looking past the glare, acting on a dare
Living life without care instead of living it in despair
New note new boat
You know what you denote?
A song within, no notes or skills  involved
Mysterious Sweet music, no need to be solved
Just appreciated
Not questioned
Not taken for granted
Not to be tampered with nor slanted
Speak this note, I'll sail this boat
Dear life, I won't misquote