Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Fungster Kind of Photoshoot

7.2012 <3<3<3
My two boys Brian and Gunther.
They're total Meat-heads.
With their Muscles and Muscle T-Shirts.
If Gunther had money and was able to talk,
He'd ask Brian to go to a message parlor with him.
 Place a cut of PRIME RIB in front of their faces,
Both will drool.
That's my boys.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas Madness 2009

Dancing with the Brothers
Carne Asada Fries North Park
Dave and Busters

I LOVE my brothers so much.
They're silly.
They love eating and cooking food just like I do.
As kids, they did the most outrageous things.
Like arrange pillows and a basketball to resemble a person in Gram's bed under the sheets to scare Grams.
And took a dump for fun in the front yard.
Because of them, I know how to live.
Because of them, I am me.
Yep, I love my brothers alright.

Daddy's Boy
Brenda, my Siamese Twin.
Met at a family party, age 9.
Been Getting in Trouble since then.
High School Ditching, getaway in trunks.
Mc Donalds our whole Junior High.
Boy Talk , secret love letters, and boy stalkers.
Slumber parties and Carmen San Diego.
Concerts and Brandon Boyd.
She's the smartest and funniest person I know.
And has the biggest heart.
She gives and loves unconditionally.
She's my bestfriend, my sister, my muse.
Southwestern College, Fall 2002, Zoology.
Strangers sitting at the same Table.
Organizing the steps of the hypothesis process in the correct order.
Come Insect Project, He asks me for help.
Made 2 insect collections and earned a TGIF gift certificate.
MMmm Jack Daniels Shrimp.
Fancy restaurant eating
Cheap thrill seeking
Keno, Raffles, and Supershot
Hurting egos everywhere we go hahaha
Allan is always good at finding GOOD food.
My Great Cousin Kevin
Los Losers
Allan, OjOj, Cabana Boy

King Takes Me For a Walk

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco USA 6.2.2010

Meet King.
King is a Yorkie.
A Yorkie that doesn't get swayed by anything but the smells of mother nature.
He marks territory like no other dog that I know and never runs out of pee.
He is superdog.
His "dad" is my brother, Jeremy, whom he resembles in many ways.
Of which include untamed hair, wearing hipster clothes, and being Casanova.
Hump that dog (female or male) King, Mark that pole. Be you King, Be Free.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Little Cousin, Joy's Graduation 2012 Morse

Driven by unknown forces.
Joy is one of the strongest people I know.
Beautiful, Smart and Talented with a Sense of Humor.
Passion for food.
Joining hands, eating and being "over" excited by the sights, sounds, and thoughts of food.
We venture till we find food and eat till our bellies swell with Joy.
She's made one very, very proud cousin.
I love her.