Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Favorite Youtube Videos

1. Zombies Vs Kids Prank (4min 26sec)- Three adroable Japanese kids are forced to attack a "Zombie". This video was shown at many schools within Japan, to teach children about the importance of teamwork... (funny)
2. Zombie Kid Like's Turtles (18sec)
3.  Monkey Finger Sniff (16sec) - Monkey touches butt hole with his finger, sniffs it, then passes out
4.  Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys (3min 21sec)
5.  Fainting Goats (1min 19sec) - goat that faints when it's over excited or starttled
6. Dog Humping Old Lady (45sec)
7.  Bride Falls in Pool (44sec) 
8.  Senior Citizen Takes on Hip Hop (5min 12sec)
9.  Baby Doing The Samba Dance (2min 54sec)
10.Don't Ever Scare Black People (13 sec)
11.  Jam Packed Train in Japan (1min 36sec)
12.  Soldier Turns Into Chewbacca When Hit With A Taser (27sec)
13. George Bush Top Ten Moments on The Letterman Show (2min 13sec)
14. Newcaster, Texas Rat Snake, and A Curious Lizard (1min 2 sec)
15. TSA Harassment (2min 7sec)
16. Kids Say The Darndest Things (1min 21 sec)
17. Japanese Human Tetris (2min 5sec)
18.  Adorable Smart hard working Chimpanzee and His Dog Companion 
19.  Best Emmy Moment Ever-Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
20.  House Diagnoses Conan O'Brien
21.  Lost Parody
22. Trick Middle School Football Play
23. Police Sketch Fail

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