Monday, March 10, 2014

winning more than a small photo contest

Though a small photo competition, it still is my first and that enough, is reason for me to notate this moment.

As a new resident to Chatham, New Jersey, I was very curious about the new town I would soon call home.  Naturally, I ventured around letting my subconscious take me to places of interest.  One of which included the Library of the Chathams.

Among many activities, including reminiscing about my elementary field trips to the library and venturing into aisles that included topics on crafts, history, and photography, I stumbled upon an announcement pinned to the library's bulletin board.  "Explore Chatham Photography Contest," it read.  I thought to myself, "That's exactly what I'm doing already, Why not bring my camera along with me."

Being amazed by the dramatic and complimenting colors of unfamiliar Fall, I was compelled to photograph it, as it is non existent in San Francisco and San Diego, where I'd come from.  I let my love for nature guide me and it led me to a place called Stanley Park.

Within a hundred steps, I ran into the spot where I knew I would get "the" shot. I quickly settled my camera bag down and started shooting. With the sounds of birds chirping in a distance and water trickling down unknown crevices and materials, I quickly drifted away to a serene state of mind. Before I knew it, I had a a good 100 images on my memory card and the sun had settled into the night.

Eager to submit my photos, I quickly uploaded my images and started editing.  Glued to my screen, all of my other needs were put on hold. I skimmed through my images and right away, a light shun on one particular picture. The picture that won first place in the landscape category titled: My First Date with Fall.  I only spent one minute before I came up with the title because the feelings I felt with my first encounter with fall were very strong and similar to the feelings I felt on my first date with Brian my husband: Awe, excitement, serenity, and most of all, feeling alive.

Nature always puts me at ease and makes me love life more and more as I get exposed to it.  There will never be words that will do what I feel justice, but a little reminder won't hurt.  I place this photo in my life's notes hoping that it will always remind me of what precious life I hold in my palms.

Click HERE to view the article announcing the winners of the contest.

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