Friday, April 11, 2014

Swan Lake

Lontaka Brook Reservation
Layton, New Jersey
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Little One

San Francisco
San Diego

oh little one, 
your flight hasn't arrived yet
you're on an airline
the most nourishing one and you're flying first class on mommy's jet
hold on tight to your cord as you gain height into another world
where staying curled is no longer a requirement, but an option
and you can carousel those feet of yours, be twirled
if you fall don't worry, mommy and daddy will help you up
we'll teach you that in life the sweet isn't as sweet without the sour, my little sweet cup
you'll grow up and will have many questions i'm sure 
but you'll know that one thing's for certain in life
and that's your mommy and daddy's love for you is pure
your flight is scheduled to arrive in about one hundred days
at the terminal, you will know your mom and dad,
we will meet you with a face signed with a gentle gaze
Gunther is training to help watch after you
he's your big brother that talks in woof
and he will be your roof
and love you unconditionally just as me and your dad will
he'll teach you how to live...
how to climb hills and teach you the definition of thrill
we can't wait to see you
we know you can push through 
I can see us eating ice cream together at the zoo
any baggage you decide to bring,
i'll have my sling to carry it in 
we'll ride on top of it and joyously swing
let's swing together in this beautiful life 
 baby, we're ready to go
let's all get our hands dirty and start rolling out that cookie dough

I left Brian in freezing New Jersey for a month to break the news to the family in San Deigo and San Francisco in person.

First Stop,
Beautiful San Francisco.

The trip was pretty spontaneous and I just so happen to have landed on a free Zoo day. Yiiiipeeee!!!

My first doc's appt. Escorted by my wonderful mother in law. 

They were overwhelmed with joy and instantly started showering the baby with Love.  Every single day I was there, they treated me out to all my favorite California foods that's hard to come by in New Jersey.  On top of  that they hired themselves as managers to the baby's diaper fund. If that's not Love, I don't know what is.
Baby, your Auntie Laura says that you will be the coolest peace throwing sign kid to exist.  I better start teaching you how so we don't fall short of those expectations.

Initially, I planned on renting a car to drive down to San Deigo, but with their big hearts of gold, ma and pa insisted on driving me down. I never felt more like a queen.  Baby, you don't know how lucky you are to have two sets of grandparents with the biggest hearts of gold with that a limitless love supply. I know I am. 

Sneaking in to surprise mom and dad.
They were definitely surprised.
Breaking the news to my big brother Eugene and my sister in law, Nerd.
Vincent took a break from busy UCSD to have lunch with us. It's always Nice seeing you brother!

Yep, Ranch 99.  Hot Pot ingredients. Portable Stove. Done!

My fellow Ranch 99 lovers, please stay away from these deceivingly smell good pancakes. They're far from yummy. 
Auntie Way teared at the eye.  I along her side, teared with her. Hahaha.

Auntie Nene, my next door neighbor Auntie, also was overjoyed to know that she will be coming up a niece/nephew.  My last visit, she was already asking questions about when baby would be conceived hahah.  Baby, don't forget Auntie Nene. She fed your mommy food her whole life.  Longanisa, Nilaga, Pinapaiitan, and NY Steak with ranch dressing.

Nothing more satisfying than authentic Mexican street tacos. To escort me, my food, chubby cheek loving little cousin Melissa. 

Gunther exhausted by all of the excitement.

Meeting my beautiful godson for the first time and breaking the news to my BFF in person. Baby you ask, why is Auntie Brenda your BFF?  You will soon see for yourself.  First, thank Auntie for your Britax Stroller Ok?! 
Dad with Helios Arthur
My Auntie Claire has a secret garden in her backyard.  She grows fruits from all over the world and she's darn good at it.
One day on my vacation, A car skidded in from the freeway and landed perfectly parallel to my gate.  Luckily no one was critically hurt.  Eating fruit and watching the accident with my Little cousin Melissa.

Mom's BFF Auntie Remy. 

Big brother Eugene treats me out to breakfast and a haircut. 

My brother, Eugene's house. He's a handyman, passionate about his carpet and specially studied wooden floors.

Beaching it with mom and dad.

San Diego Safari Park with my wild cousins.

Ming's Diner with the little brother Vincent.

My cousin Kevin treats me out to a delicious breakfast at Milbrae Pancake House. SVEEEDISH PANCAKES!!!

We venture past the Golden Gate Bridge into unknown territory.
Hey Brotha Desmond! We've met in the past. My name is Jack, open the darn hatch!

BuBBle Tea!

My other brother, Jeremy and his awsome beloved GF, Nancy being silly as always.

Nancy sat right next to the pond and little did she know... her jacket went skinny dipping while she wasn't looking. 

Baby meet your Ate Criszel Joy, she will teach you how to live life.

Unfamiliar with Uncle Lawrence's power naps in the van, the gang takes amusement.  

Way to end the day. With nice warm ramen from Japantown.  Thanks Koy and Nancy for treating us out. 

Ma and Pa took me on a joyride around the neighborhood on my last day.  We saw some sweet sights and took some tourist photos. It's what we were made to do. 
There's nothing more Gunther loves that running with no limits. Notice the lady in the background. She's smiling. Gunther has that effect on people.